Machine fire fills production hall with smoke

A sandblasting unit started to burn in a production hall in Gladbeck. The actual fire was quickly brought under control. It was somewhat more difficult to remove smoke from the building – which was approx. 150 x 150 m in size. To realize this, the MGV L105 was positioned at a gate in the south (attack path). The exhaust opening was located to the east of the hall.

Within the bounds of dutiful judgment, the fire chief deliberately decided against opening all openings for smoke exhaust. These were designed in such a way that they could not be closed again in a simple manner. Furthermore, rain was forecast for the next few hours. Since the wind was coming from the north, the door to the south was closed and one to the north was opened. Together with the natural ventilation and the MGV L105, the building was cleared of smoke within 25 minutes. In retrospect, the use of the L105 saved the firefighters a lot of time and effort.

Last but not least, the operational readiness could be restored much faster. The company, which had already suffered damage, was spared further costs (repair of the smoke outlet openings, water damage).

Newspaper report

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