Start of series production of new BIG HP18

The series production of our new high-performance fans, which have already caused a lot of excitement among the visitors at the “Florian” 2018 trade fair in Dresden, starts just in time for the turn of the year. From now on, the first customer fans will be delivered.

The aim of the new development was to bring a fan onto the market that was as compact, lightweight and powerful as possible. For example, we improved the user-friendly foot tilt adjustment with a larger tilt range and placed great emphasis on the best possible ergonomics. The new HP fan is significantly lighter and has circumferential grips for removal from the vehicle. Thanks to the patented, innovative handle, the fan can be transported in an upright position regardless of the height of the operator.

With a wide range of accessories – such as a light package, flexible water mist system with magnet mounting, and foil and spiral tubes – the new HP18 fans can be used even more versatilely.

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