More than just NEW! MGV XP 105

The Xtreme Performance Fan XP 105 is the first hydraulically driven Mobile Grand Ventilator in lightweight construction. The newly developed large fan offers unique flexibility and extreme performance for the tactical ventilation of large-volume objects. The enormous inclination range of + 40 ° to -90 ° even enables vertical ventilation via openings at ground level, such as ventilation shafts and supply ducts. The patented lifting device allows a huge range of operations.

The logical integration of technology into the design of the trailer enables the XP 105 to be built as the first hydraulically driven MGV on an one-axle trailer and the integrated handles on the side allow fire fighters to position the MGV easily by hand. Despite the enormous lifting height, the MGV XP 105 only has a total height of less than 2 m in the transport position and can therefore be brought to the operation site even through low car passages.

Watch the video of the NEW XP 105: Mobile Grand Ventilator XP 105

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