Container fire spreads smoke to shopping center. 2 MGV in operation

A container caught fire at the loading ramp of a shopping center in Abensberg. Since the smoke had already spread into the shopping center according to the emergency services, the fire departments from Kelheim and Bad Abbach were called in for support with their mobile grand ventilators. These were able to clear the shopping center of smoke in a very short time and prevented major smoke damage. In addition, the fire department from Neustadt an der Donau arrived with a swap body vehicle to pull the container away from the building.

The damage is settled in a middle four-digit euro range. Task forces of the voluntary fire department Abensberg could extinguish the burning contents such as insulating material, cardboard and plastic soils fast , so the Kelheimer order guard in their report.

At the container and the building rubble no considerable material damage had developed. By the heat development however also parts of the metal roof cladding of the adjacent building had been affected.

Newspaper report and picture gallery

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