Mobile Grand Ventilators

Mobile Grand Ventilators

for ventilation of large structures

Rescue Operations

A fire in large objects can quickly become a disaster. For the fire department, it is hardly possible to orient in the smoky areas and the heat accumulation leads to an enormously fast fire spread. Mobile Grand Ventilators realise immediately better visibility and lower temperatures in burning buildings. Rescue operations can be handled faster, safer and more efficient.

Less Damage

Directed ventilation helps to avoid smoke and heat damage. Downtime of production in case of a fi re in a manufacturing plant or assembly building can be clearly reduced.

Effective Cooling

With the water mist system it is possible to cool down objects and hold down toxic gases. The fine water mist has a excellent heat absorption capacity.

The Power of a MGV

While in theory a couple portable positive pressure fans equals a greater cumulative air output number than a Mobile Grand Ventilator, this does not mean these units will be able to ventilate a large scale structure in case of a fire. Large structure ventilation requires overcoming incredibly resilient back pressures, something only a MGV® can achieve.

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for every operation the right partner


MGV® S60
The MGV® S60 is the only large scale ventilator worldwide which features an enormous lifting height, vertical ventilation, endless rotation and ventilation hose systems in two different sizes for extraction and well-directed ventilation. No other large scale ventilator offers that kind of fl exibility. Therefore the S60 is a very versatile working tool with enormous potential. It is the ideal Mobile Grand Ventilator for professional Fire Brigades and big industrial companies with various operation situations.
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MGV® L105
The L 105 Speed is light-weight, compact and extreme flexible. The specifically developed single axle trailer offers a very low overall height, even with the innovatively integrated tilt device. Both handlebars provide very simple handling. Even with all available options and the stored ventilation hose system, the L 105 Speed features a gross vehicle weight of as little as 750 kg. Thus, the MGV® L105 Speed offers maximum flexibility in its class.
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MGV® L80
A real all-rounder. The MGV® L80 closes the gap between MGVs® and the positive pressure fans. It offers the necessary power for an effective ventilation of large structures like underground parking, schools, department stores, warehouses or workshops and is at the same time light-weight and compact. Mounted on a compact one-axle trailer or a pushcart it is easily handled and fast in operation.
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MGV® L125
The MGV® L125 is extreme powerful and allows an effective ventilation of large industrial facilities, underground parking, high-rise buildings, airports, shopping centres or miles long tunnels – in tests at traffi c tunnels, an air output up to 1.000.000 m³/h had been measured. This ventilator with its powerful, reliable car engine is the ideal partner for every fi re service who has to deal with fi res or dangerous incidents in large structures.
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MGV® L95
The Mobile Grand Ventilator MGV® L95 gives fire services the option to operate a powerful large scale ventilator in areas that are diffi cult to access for example only over stairs or narrow paths. The compact dimensions allow the mounting on a crawler or a pushcart – optional with a demountable ventilation unit on a carrying frame. The L95 is the ideal MGV® for Fire Services who require a high power ventilator combined with extreme handiness or off-road mobility.
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L80 E
MGV® L80 E
The MGV® L80 E is driven by powerful electric motors. The variable airflow can be adjusted to the specific needs during the operation. With lowered speed the noise level of the L 80 E is reduced essentially – up to 80%. Because of the absence of exhaust fumes the ventilator can be operated inside buildings. The high quality industrial electric motor is maintenance free and durable. The L80 E is available with two different power levels.
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