Second generation of battery driven fans

Long and eagerly awaited since the RettMobil 2019: the first customer devices of the new battery fans “Quickee” and “Commando” have been delivered. The two new models with the innovative High-Flow-Jet-Technology impress with their outstanding performance, which sets standards for battery-driven fans.

The new generation of battery fans is even more compact and lighter than its predecessor, the BH-20, yet robustly designed for the demanding conditions of firefighting operations. The proven lithium-ion battery technology has been further developed and now offers a significantly longer running time: Model Quickee from 45 to 240 minutes depending on speed / Commando from 45 to 360 minutes! Thanks to the integrated intelligent charging electronics with fast charging function, 90% of the running time is available again after 105 minutes if the Quickee battery is completely discharged (Commando: 120 minutes for 90%). If the fans are connected to the external power supply during battery operation, they switch automatically to mains operation without any difference in their air output.

The tilt adjustment has also been optimized, the Quickee and the Commando can be tilted continuously in the range of 0 – 180°. An illumination of the ventilation opening is standard, a water mist system and spiral tubes are available as further options. Thus, the FlexiFoam foam generator can also be operated with the battery fans.

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