Innovation made in Germany

Innovation made in Germany


Company history

The company BIG Brandschutz Innovationen was founded in 1991 in Giengen/Brenz to introduce innovative products for firefighting in Europe.
BIG did pioneer work with the introduction of positive pressure ventilation with power blowers, in those days a novel method for rapid smoke extraction, heat control and fresh air supply in firefighting operations. Nowadays the positive pressure ventilation, also known as tactical ventilation, is a default procedure that is practiced by fire and rescue teams in almost all countries. Also In the industrial sector, the positive pressure ventilation is now successfully applied.
The ventilation and cooling of large structures such as underground garages, high-rise buildings, airports, underground railway, railway / road traffic tunnels and shopping centers confront fire departments with serious challenges. Tunnel fires may become a disaster, as fires in the past tragically showed. In 1995 we have been the first manufacturer who had a solution for that problem – the Mobile Grand Ventilator.
Within the last few years the product program permanently was enlarged. Today we offer one of the most extensive ventilation product programs for firefighters and disaster control worldwide. In 2016 we could celebrate 25 years of BIG Brandschutz Innovationen.
In 1995 the company B.S. Belüftungs-GmbH based in Bachhagel was founded. The company B.S. Belüftungs-GmbH is partner of BIG Brandschutz Innovationen, is responsible for the operational business and is the contact for all products.


Foundation of BIG Brandschutz Innovationen

Partner of Tempest Technology, USA, for Europe, North Afrika and the Middle East


Interschutz '94

BIG and the innovative products are presented to a world-wide audience at the Interschutz ’94 in Hannover


First Mobile Ventilation Unit

Presentation of the first prototype of a Mobile Ventilation Unit for the fire service.


First Mobile Ventilation Unit has been delivered

Delivery of the first Mobile Ventilation Unit to a fire department in Switzerland.


Interschutz 2000

The Mobile Ventilation Unit was unveiled to a global audience at the Interschutz-fair 2000 Augsburg. Built on an all-wheel-drive chassis he went afterwards on a roadshow.


Start of assembly of power blowers in Germany

The company B.S. Belüftungs-GmbH started the assembly of all Tempest power blowers sold to Europe at its headquarters in Bachhagel, Bayern.


First light-weight Mobile Ventilation Unit

The first Mobile Ventilation Unit with light-weight design was delivered. Start of a great success story: the MGV L125 has been evolved several times and is still the best-selling Mobile Ventilation Unit worldwide.


Interschutz in Hannover

In addition to the extended model range of Mobile Ventilation Units and power blowers, two more innovative products were introduced to the global audience: the portable smoke blocker and the foam generator system FlexiFoam.


MVUs delievered to Japan

Successful introduction of the Mobile Ventilation Unit MGV L125 in Japan and delivery of the first Units.


MVU persuades in the USA

The Mobile Ventilation Unit MGV L125 continues its worldwide success in the United States.


New model MGV L80

The Mobile Ventilation Unit MGV L80 is being introduced on the Interschutz 2010 in Leipzig. The MGV L80 bridges the gap between Mobile Ventilation Units and power blowers.


Expansion of production

Expansion of our production and of our development team to build special MVU – vehicles and roll-off containers in in-house production.


New model MGV L105

A little brother to the MGV L125: the powerful and compact MGV L105. With its compact dimensions and its low weight he sets new standards in the trailer class with 750 kg gross vehicle weight.


New facility: Werk 2

Just in time for the new year, we moved into our new building in Bachhagel.


New model MGV L105

New high performance fans at fire show in Oktober 2018. We presented our new high performance fans Made in Germany at the fire show Florian. The new fans are completely engineered by us and are manufactured in our new facility in Bachhagel. Our know-how and our experience of 27 years results in a new generation of high performance fans.